2021 Summer and Kitten Appeal

Dear Friends and Supporters,

At last, finally, summer is here with a chance to reconnect out-of-doors with friends and family. Unfortunately, summer also means that the lost and abandoned, underfed and beat-up Mom and Dad Cats on the street are producing kittens, kittens and also kittens. Street Cat Rescue is urgently in need of donor support to keep helping in and around the city. We are thrilled to welcome new foster homes, who allow us to increase the number of cats coming into our care; but, of course, each cat needs veterinary care that costs money. We are particularly grateful to the supporters who have already increased their contributions. The pandemic has meant the continued loss of many traditional fundraising opportunities and means it is still hard to finance the increasing requests for assistance with cats and kittens.

So yes, kitten season has been in full swing these last few months: members of the public, as well as our dedicated volunteer trapping team, are rescuing kittens from dumpsters, parks, highway ditches, scrap yards, and some that had been abandoned in back lanes.  We have dealt with severe respiratory infections, bad worm and tick infestations, eye surgeries, wounds, abscesses, broken bones, and other emergencies requiring some costly treatments. We are outcome based: to ensure the survival of kittens and cats at risk whenever possible is our priority.  We take in kittens who have been orphaned at birth, or shortly after, who need an enormous amount of care and attention from a group of highly skilled and diligent bottle-baby fosters and supportive veterinarians.  The necessary Kitten Milk Replacement formula and supporting food does an excellent job but is expensive, costing up to $100 per kitten to feed from newborn through weaning.  The most vulnerable require intensive veterinary care to have a chance at survival, and many of them spending a week or two in one of our incubators.

One recent urgent intake request came for Pinky. Pinky was found on a farm just outside of Saskatoon, in the landowner’s chicken coop. This wonderful human cares for each animal who ventures onto her property, but shortly noticed that he was having trouble eating. Bringing him inside and bathing him as best as she could, she suspected that he had an injured jaw, as was then verified by a local veterinarian. Coming into SCAT’s care at that point, he was examined by one of our veterinarians, and with the severity of his injury, likely the result of being clipped by a vehicle, he was referred to the extremely skilled hands of a dental specialist at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine. There he underwent a successful surgery to repair his jaw and remove several teeth, and has been recovering in a foster home, quickly becoming the delight of his foster and their children!

Noah and Nashville came to SCAT from one of our partner rescue groups. When kittens have high care needs and are very young, we have the teams and equipment to meet their needs. These two little ones were malnourished, dehydrated and very tiny, weighing in at 70 and 72gms. Their mom and two of their siblings had died of unknown causes. Nashville, the little tabby also had an abscess on his left eye. In the next few days, the two kittens went on to develop 5 more abscesses each, all four eyes were involved. No one thought they would survive.

 Once again, our incubator was put to good use; this time their foster mom believed that it would keep them warm, safe, and comfortable so at least they would be cared for in the end.

 Of course, the care team worked hard to give them any reasonable chance for survival, they were so weak and sick that they could not even nurse in the first few days. And survive they did, the first week was a struggle, and every day they faced new challenges and new abscesses! They were two of the most wretched looking little creatures their care team had ever seen. Little Nashville ended up rupturing one of his eyes, and we thought it would have to be removed…but it has healed beautifully.

 Today they are active, healthy, lovable babycats and should be ready for their forever homes in a month or so, thanks to the support of our community.

We are forever grateful to our veterinary partners who have supported us through these ongoing crises. We want with them, and with your help too, to provide aid for as many cats and kittens as our foster and veterinary capacity can handle, and to make sure that we have the reserves always to say yes within our capacity for care.

Your support is critical for us to continue this work that we have been doing for over twenty-five years; any amount you could manage would be most welcome.  If you have recently donated, we are, as always, so incredibly grateful for your help.  We could not do this work without your generous support.

Donations can be made by e-transfer to finance@streetcat.ca, by cheque, or through our CanadaHelps Campaign Page.

Thank you!