The Big Three

Everyone in animal welfare should have these three links handy.

1.     Neighborhood Cats

One of my all time favorite websites is Neighborhood Cats.  It is jam packed full of videos, guides and links.  Even the guide books are free downloads and the videos can be viewed from their website or even purchased at very reasonable rates.  They are prepared for every aspect of the TNR process, right from beginning to talk to your neighborhood or local government to relocation and caring for the ferals after they are released.  Outstanding website.  Easy to navigate, easy to read and eager to help everyone who wants to help cats.  10 out of 10.

2.     Pam Johnson-Bennett, Cat Behaviourist

I’ve been recommending people to go to Pam’s website for several years.  Her books are great (8 to date), but she also has tips right on her website that give information on a number of cat behaviour issues.  Even her Facebook page gives out tips regularly and is on my list of pages I closely monitor.  She’s been working in the field since 1982 and many of her methods are used as a foundation for behaviour courses.  Super nice lady.  Good website.  Easy to navigate and easy to find topics that you’re looking for advice on.  Facebook page is an extra bonus to check out regularly.

3.     Kitten Lady

The single best website for all things kitten!  Hannah Shaw is changing the world for neonatal kittens by providing educational media and training resources about how to save the lives of the tiniest felines in a fun and engaging format.  She has a massive social network and always captures the attention of the worldwide media.  Top Notch!  10 out of 10  Her website, facebook and instagram are must links.

Other Good Website Resources

There’s a lot out there, definitely a mountain more than there were when I started in animal rescue.

Best Friends Animal Society

For over 30 years, Best Friends has been running the largest no-kill sanctuary in the USA, and probably the world.  Their conferences are some of the best resources of information and networking possible.  I’ve been to a couple of them myself and they are something no one in animal rescue should miss going to at least once in their life.  Their website is great.  It’s clean, easy to navigate and full of excellent information resources.  They have several areas for topics from general pet care, for shelters and rescues, puppy mills, and on to feral cats and TNR.  Definitely a good link to keep handy.

The Latham Foundation

The Latham Foundation has been promoting Humane Education since 1918.  They produce and distribute affordable videos and publications.  Very good resource.  Website clean and easy to navigate.

ASPCA Professional provides tools and resources for animal welfare professionals and volunteers at public and private agencies and rescue groups, as well as veterinarians, law enforcement and emergency responders.  An excellent source of information which includes e-news, blog, facebook and webinars on topics including spay/neuter, disaster & cruelty, shelter management and shelter health.  Besides webinars, they have tips and how-tos, research and articles and publications.  Very good website.  Easy to navigate and easy to find topics.

Animal Sheltering – The Humane Society of the United States

Really good resource for shelters and rescue groups.  Webinars and information.  Good website, easy to navigate and easy to find things — lots of things.

Maddie’s Fund

One of the tops innovative programs in the US.  They work together with animal welfare leaders and supporters to champion a more diverse, vibrant, and inclusive community of all shelter animals and their companions.  Through grants, cutting-edge research and hands-on education, they build opportunities such shelter medicine and apprenticeship programs along with online courses.  An amazing organization.  Website is nice.  They have a good page on Foster Care and some tips and what they call “flash classes”.

Cats and Birds

Keep Cats Safe and Save Bird Lives is a coalition of individuals and organizations concerned about the well-being of cats and birds.  National partners include Bird Studies Canada, Canadian Federation of Humane Societies and Earth Rangers, along with several regional and local partners.  Good website.  Clean, easy to navigate.  Healthy Alternatives to Free Roam for cat downloadable ideas.

Primarily on Facebook and YouTube


Great animal trainer and very caring cat lover.  Has great cat training videos on his YouTube (see link below) and some fun stuff on his facebook as well.  His cats are Didga and Boomer.

Shorty and Kodi

Canadian cat lovers with a fun Facebook and some excellent videos such as how to introduce a second cat.  On Facebook as Shorty and Kodi and on YouTube as Sho Ko (see link below).

Cole and Marmalade

Lots of fun with this couple of cat lovers.  On Facebook as Cole & Marmalade and on YouTube see link below.