Reece Withpurrspoon

Reece Withpurrspoon

Reece Withpurrspoon arrived in her foster home in the nick of time…she was going to be a mama! She gave birth to four healthy kittens on Oct 1. It’s time to find a home of her very own.

It is difficult to believe she was found as a stray. Reece Withpurrspoon has a calm temperament, loves to purr, and to follow her foster mom around the house. She has even developed a slight crush on the foster home resident cat, Elmer (a SCAT alumni). She has not shown any signs of aggression towards her foster home resident cats and has not displayed any protective instincts for her kittens. She likes the attention from other cats, despite being a new mom. Perhaps this is because she is still somewhat a kitten herself as the veterinarian thinks this was a teenage pregnancy.

Reece Withpurrspoon is extremely food motivated and will come running when she hears a can being opened and a bag being crinkled, regardless if the food inside is intended for her. We are working on her manners and she is learning that kitchen counters are off limits.

Estimated date of birth is Sept. 25, 2019.

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