Licorice is a very gentle, mellow fellow. He is about two years old. His purr is quite soft as is his fur. His fur is mostly black with white hairs interspersed. He has two white spots under his back legs on his belly. He likes the occasional belly rub. His right eye weeps a bit, but it is not worrisome.

He loves to sit and be petted. He stays put rather than moving all over the place. He does like to push his head into your hand for extra cheek rubs and ear tickles. Often he will pop by the bedroom for some cuddles, tummy rub and extra pets before he does his rounds. He likes to ensure everyone is safe as he pads through the house, checking windows, other cats, etc.

He enjoys sleeping in his cat tower, soft chairs and window ledges. There is something magic about watching the birds and the mice outside! At the beginning he would sometimes take food off the counter, but it was probably that we were not feeding him enough. It has not continued.

Overall, Licorice is a kind, soft, purring machine that likes to be with you. He has never scratched or nipped even when fearful. (Except for that young other Tom Cat that arrived!) He will put up with the large dogs, although they seem loud and boisterous to him. He is shy to begin with, but warms up. At the beginning I would get him by the scruff of the neck and set him on my lap, now he is beating me to the chair and coming up to me willingly.

In a nutshell: Self-sufficient, kind, catnip lover, quiet, soft fur & purr.

Estimated date of birth is Jan 15, 2019

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