Eight Ball

Eight Ball

We’re looking for a very special home for a very special wee fellow. Eight Ball had a really hard start in life, he was found alone, under a trailer, only a few days old, and in rough shape.

Thanks to one of our amazing volunteers who care for the teenie tiny orphans he survived…and thrived to some extent. His journey was difficult, sometimes the orphaned babycats struggle with immune issues, and Eight Ball really did. He had many trips to the vet trying to figure out why his poops wouldn’t form up (unusual even with bottle babies) which led to frequent accidents, as well as concerns about bladder infections and painful urination. We never were able to find a definitive answer as to “why”- and unfortunately sometimes there is just no specific answer and they just seem to “grow out of it” as their immune system strengthens and things seem to sorts itself out.

Luckily his foster was exceedingly patient and worked with the wee boy and now it seems he has “grown out of it”, as well as been more or less trained to go to the box when requested, and that most of his issues have resolved. His pee and poop is normal now and he uses his litter box faithfully with a little encouragement from his foster mom. Of course his new home would need to be willing to deal with possible relapses, though he is quite stable now there is of course always a chance that change in environment or other stressors could result in softer stools, which may result in accidents, and they may potentially have to work with a vet to get him back on track but honestly and truly if you have a patient heart and a home that can work with him if needed – he is worth it.

He is a real little character, and acts much more like a small dog than a cat. He will bond strongly to his people and engage in all their activities. He plays fetch with much enthusiasm and is always by his foster mom’s side. He can be a bit rough and tumble- with a bit more teeth and claws when excited and playing (not aggression just over excited) as solo orphans tend to be, and sometimes forgets that humans don’t appreciate it when we play with our teeth and claws- so older children who understand not to play with hands would be a better fit for him, and if they’d play fetch, or wand toy chase games with him he would more than happily oblige!

He really does need a special home that is understanding, patient, and willing to take on potential vet costs if they arise (but that is also true of any adoption as any cat adopted could develop health concerns later in life that we would expect to be addressed by owners). He gets along well with other cats and people. He would be best with older children only as he sometimes uses teeth and claws when playing. Long term it may be hard to predict if he has overcome his medical issues permanently- he’s been stable for many months in his foster home. He is such an amazing little one, he will be the source of much love and companionship for his forever person- he’s a special kitten and needs a special human (or humans) to find him and make him part of their family.

Estimated date of birth is August 6, 2019.

If you are interested in Eight Ball please click here to fill out an adoption application , or email contact@streetcat.ca if you want more information on this or any other available cat.