Uraka (oo-rah-kah) spent her youthful years outside and is now ready to settle into an early retirement with domestic comforts. She has a shy, gentle personality, and despite being listed as a timid at first she has become comfortable enough in her foster home to happily accept physical affection from strangers. Every so often she gets a burst of playful energy and is happy to play independently, but more often than not her favourite place to be is either in a warm lap or her bed. Instead of eating all of her food at once she has a tendency to graze throughout the day so could likely be transitioned easily to free-feeding.

Some of Uraka’s favourite things include:

–       Squishing herself onto warm radiators as tightly as she can get.

–       “Redecorating” overnight after her foster mom has collected all of her toys into her cat tent.

–       Leading whoever she can over to the couch so she can jump into their lap for full-body pets and brushes.

What makes Uraka unique:

–       Her meow starts out completely silent, but after a few “engine revs” to get going she has a sweet little voice that she uses as a rare treat.

–       Early into foster care it was found that Uraka has mild allergies and has since been on a hypoallergenic diet with once-a-day oral medication to tame them with success.

–       One of her toes is smaller than the rest! Vet assessed and it’s not a problem, just a cute quirk.

The right family for Uraka would have patience for her shy adjustment period as she is still unsure of human homes, but they would also be ready for a total lovebug one she has settled in. She has not been around kids while in foster care so her reaction is unknown, but would likely be fine with kids who can be gentle with her. She liked dogs in her first foster home and was friendly with a resident cat when she was “babysat”.


Estimated date of birth is November 26, 2013

If you are interested in adopting please click here to fill out an adoption application, or email contact@streetcat.ca if you want more information on this or any other available cat.