Lana is mostly a grey tabby with the occasional ginger coloured highlight. Still a bit timid but very curious, Lana likes pats, especially when in the course of eating her dinner which she likes served on a high perch away from her busybody siblings. She is intrigued by people and loves to watch them from a certain distance. Her hobbies include rolling in sun beams, gazing out windows, pacing while waiting for the slow human to feed them, and purring while curling up in comfy cat beds.She is the sister of Li’l Kim.

Lana and Li’l Kim have made a lot of progress and in a regular home environment may make the final steps to perfect companions.  Both like to cuddle on laps but will startle easily and not comfortable with being picked up yet.  They are gentle ones who have never bit or scratched.  Also have very good litter box manners.
Please note that Li’l Kim and Lana were exposed to the Feline Leukemia virus at a young age. Advanced testing shows that they are not able to infect any other cats and as such are able to cohabit with other cats- but there is a small possibility that they may develop diseases related to the disease later in life. However there is a chance that any cat you adopt would develop diseases later in life so shouldn’t be a deterrent to adopting these wonderful girls!

Lana and Li’l Kim are looking for a home together.

Estimated date of birth of Lana is August 8, 2013.

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