Hello my name is Keiko & I’m 4 years old. I came to scat early February after being trapped with my kittens. I had a broken tooth & an abscess so had to do some healing first. When I arrived they also found out I have a level 4 heart murmur. Though it doesn’t seem to bother me much I will need a liquid medication by oral syringe every day & a low stress environment.

Im a timid lady but getting braver each day! I’m new to being with people & fast/loud movement is scary. After a few months I do trust my foster mom & follow her everywhere! I also can sit calmly in the same room as the other household members. Im getting used to my foster dad & I occasionally sit near him on the couch or if he’s in the kitchen I hope for food & rub his legs. I’m a flight not fight timid & have no aggression to humans. I like being near people but in an open area to escape if scared. I’m very good at staying away from the Entry doors & will watch from a distance when you come in/leave, though still watch how long the door is open.

I am starting to open up as I feel mostly safe in my foster home now the last few months has really seen my personality come out. I’m quite playful and love to chase things-I especially love when people set off my wind up mice so I can hunt them down. I like to chew on their tail and even carry them around! I really like bottle caps or lids off a juice container as they make great fun along the floor! I will even grab them in my paws like a chipmunk! I have good toy handling skills!

I do NOT like the feather stick or the laser light. I think someone waving something near me is scary as is any toy tossed at me. However toys on the ground are real fun! I also do NOT like any rough play or rough pets/backwards pets and will run away if being handled that way.

I’m quite a chatterbox once I get to know you, but have a soft voice even if I meow! I love to coo & chitter when I’m excited and will chirp at you when you’re in the kitchen making my food. If you’re in the kitchen I might roll & rub your legs a lot in the hopes there’s food for me? I’m starting to realize your food smells real good too so if you’re eating I will get curious and watch you. And when I play and get my night zoomies I coo in excitement. At night I can sometimes roam around calling out.  A quick shush quiets me though-I’m usually just looking for you.

I’m very into a routine though which makes me feel safe and happy. In the morning I wake up and go to the sunroom. My foster mom comes to my carpet spot and sits on the floor brushing me & petting me. I love being brushed! All over even the legs & tail! But I do get over excited and then want to play fight or eat the brush. Ive been learning NOT to playfight with human hands/arms & instead my foster mom has decoy Stuffies she puts out so I can go after that! I do love affection & belly rubs as long as it’s gentle.

Note-I’m unsure about rough scratches or hard pets and can bolt. So please be gentle with me. My foster mom has clipped my nails and I only pull my paws back a bit but handle it quite well! She also rubs my paws each day to get me used to being touched all over. And I’m good with it. I love chin rubs and my ear scratches & roll around for belly rubs! I’m terrified of the bathtub but tolerate waterless shampoos with treat rewards.

As affectionate as I am, I’m not into laps though my foster mom tries every so often. I’m not a big fan of being picked up but I tolerate it for short periods. My ideal place once I trust you is beside you on the ground where I’ll roll around for love or on the back of the couch on my blanket where I can relax near you. Til then I’ll lay nearby and watch you somewhere sheltered. Since day 1 I’ve been quite interested in the tv! Even when there’s big action shows or loud games I sit and watch! I guess I know it’s not real so it’s quite interesting! I do enjoy music too.

Im a big fan of wet food! I get a bit for breakfast & supper. My dry food sits out all day and I just nibble when hungry. I’m not a voracious eater and can have food sit no problem. However I’ve had an issue with wet food if I eat too fast I’ll puke. I need it in small amounts or squished into the dish so I have to eat it slowly. I’m also good at drinking water when thirsty and just ask it’s fresh each morning and before bed!

I’ll play a bit after breakfast, do my business and then you can find me chilling or sleeping til nightfall lol! My humans work but have security cameras. And they say I’m sleeping til nightfall, then walk around checking the perimeter, then get playful in the Evening chasing toys & using the scratching post of my cat tree!

It’s important Once a day, I must take my medication for my heart murmur. The human pharmacy that makes it does deliver on weekdays which is nice & they flavour it with chicken! I’m pretty good with taking it cuz I know I get a temptation or 2 after! It’s all about the reward! I also seem to have dirty ears so my foster mom cleans them with a simple wipe out each day. Part of my evening med time.

Im really a sweet and affectionate girl and really smart! I respond to my name & also certain words like come or med time etc & to sounds like clink my dish is supper time or tap your leg to follow you. Or a snap of fingers/tsk noise is stop or get down. I’ve learned quick what is good and what is bad but also a bit stubborn and can hop on tables etc when you’re not home. I Have scratched mats/couches in the past but as long as I have a carpet cat tree/scratcher near those areas I will use those. I’m a good girl! I live in a hardwood house but I will need scratching posts and maybe a carpet scratching pad to have appropriate scratching spots. I don’t seem interested in the cardboard scratching types at all. I like that carpet/rope stuff on cat trees though. I do want to please you!

Lastly I’m also very concerned about heights. Maybe I had a bad fall before I was rescued but I feel uncomfortable when I’m high-I don’t like it at all. Holding me in your arms while standing makes me struggle or freeze.  Attempting to jump anything even a couch or chair takes a lot of hesitation. I can jump to the table after a cautious delayed jump onto a chair but I’m too chicken to try the kitchen counters. If there isn’t a chair open near the table the whole dining/kitchen eating areas won’t be an issue. I’ve never jumped waist high/table high without a previous level. I occasionally spend periods I have recently spent time next to my foster mom on the bed. And I prefer beside you so if I share space with you on furniture it’s always beside you not on you.

My ideal home would be a mature calm home with Adults who can be patient with me and love me on my terms. It took me a few months to be fine with my foster dad though I do let him pet me each day for a few moments. But I always want my foster moms affection! Once I bond with you I’ll be your lil shadow, sleeping or sitting nearby.

I haven’t had experience with dogs or kids because of Covid visit restrictions but I think anything walking fast is scary so I don’t think I’d do well with young kids or things that run in the house. For now A family home is not for me.

My foster parents recently got a 1yr old cat. I’m pretty scared of her even though she’s gentle & playful. We aren’t sure if we like other cats yet but it’s only been a few weeks. We can be in the same room, even pet at the same time as long as the other cat doesn’t pay attention to me. And we can eat in the same room. So we are doing pretty good so far. But still quite defensive and yowls at times. Updates to come on making a fur friend but so far I’m not interested in other cats.

Estimated date of birth is February 20, 2018

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