Julian is a one year old cat, who grew up outside with her mom, and siblings. In February when it was -40 outside, it was too cold to be outside so everyone was brought indoors. Julian took awhile to feel comfortable inside, but she is now a lovely housecat who appreciates good meals and a warm place to sleep.

Julian likes playing with toys, especially sticks and strings. She is litter trained and is quite a tidy cat. She has grown up with her sister Jumanji, who Julian would be happy to be adopted with.

Julian was extremely timid when she was brought into her foster home. She is quick to run and hide if she feels nervous or trapped. Over time, she has started to realize that people can be trusted, mainly if they have food or treats. She has even started to accept some gentle petting while she is eating. This is a huge step for Julian, since she used to jump about three feet in the air when touched. She will not let you pick her up or hold her yet and will need lots of time to come out of her shell.

Julian will need a family who is very patient and willing to give her time to relax in her new home. She does very well with routine and is motivated to interact with people when she is getting food and treats. With consistency we think she will do well, especially in a quiet home where she has space to explore. Julian loves watching the world from the windows, and napping in the sun, and is a very funny and personable girl once you get to know her.

Estimated date of birth: July 17, 2020

If you are interested in adopting please click here to fill out an adoption application, or email contact@streetcat.ca if you want more information on this or any other available cat.