Jed- Come Meet Me at Petsmart on Preston Crossing!

Jed- Come Meet Me at Petsmart on Preston Crossing!

Hello, my name is Jed, some call me Jedson. I am a one-year-old orange tabby male. I have honey colored eyes and my belly is cream.

I hail from the south industrial area of Saskatoon; I was living with my siblings and Ma in a sea can. Everything was going great then, Ma said she was going into a “retirement home” and that it was time for us to make our own way! My sister from another mister, Jetty and I moved into a foster home and have been learning to “cat” since February. The transition was a bit scary but I have learned that house cat life has its perks. I am really good at all the regular cat things, like playing, eating, using my litter box and generally “being a good boy”.

I am, however, a self-admitted Kleptomaniac and I am working on this behavior. I often “borrow” lipchap, pens, laser pointers, stones and whatever else I can carry in my mouth- you can later retrieve them in my favorite bed. As they say you can take the cat off the street but- you can’t take the street out of the cat. Thug life.

I did most of my growing up outside so I have a few other quirks; I am still pretty freaked out by hands touching me. I will accept pets when I am feeling safe- often in my hiding spot. I have learned that pets feel good but they still scare me. I do not like to be picked up or handled right now- but three months ago I didn’t let anyone touch me so that may change. If you are petting me and I don’t want it anymore I will run away, if I am cornered I will give you a clawless tap to let you know to stop.

So, if you are able to get over my quirks, I could be your purrfect new companion. I am a curious boy, I will follow you around to supervise your household projects- taste testing when needed. I haven’t mastered cuddling but I have started to sleep very near or even touching my foster mom. With your patience and love I promise to keep working to be a “really good boy” for you.
Estimated date of birth is June 16, 2020

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