Hollie is a cat for someone who wants a cuddle bug. She is quite demanding for her cuddles. She will rub your legs in a figure 8 and will ram you with her head to make her needs known. She will roll over to expose her belly and hold your hand in just the right spot with her paws. She has never bitten or even let her claws out when we touch her belly and has never indicated that she has “had enough”. She gets so into the cuddles that she drools.

Hollie is very vocal with a bit of a gravelly meow, and will respond back to your calling her, over and over. This is a fun game and she does not get tired of it. She will meow back even when quite a distance away and then come to visit you to see what cuddles might be possible.

Hollie can be shy around new people and is skittish with loud noises. She really does not like the cat carrier. The visits to the vet have gone well, even without a sedative, although the pill makes the drive less stressful for everyone.

Hollie was living outside on her own for quite some time, so she is very interested in getting back outside and you must be quick and sneaky with the door when exiting. Hollie will need a person who understands that she has been through some trauma and has the patience and time to work with her on trust, but once she knows you well she is all about the cuddles. A high value treat food, like canned tuna, goes a long way with building trust. She also prefers to come to you, rather than you chasing her down.

Hollie loves to chase toys that are of the type “strings on a stick”. She has also been doing very well with the 11 year old child in her foster home. Hollie isn’t making it the litter box every time for her BMs, but her foster home is working on it with her.

Estimated date of birth is January 21, 2020.

If you are interested in adopting please click here to fill out an adoption application, or email contact@streetcat.ca if you want more information on this or any other available cat.