Gina is a very vocal girl who chirps at you for attention and meows/chirps when you touch her and meows/chirps when you pick her up.

She is super submissive and will just lay down and partially expose her belly if she is cornered.

She does not struggle or get upset about being picked up.

She doesn’t actively come sit on laps, but if she is picked up and placed there, she will make herself cozy.

She doesn’t particularly like other cats, but he does not appear stressed or bothered by them if they just leave her alone. So she would likely do fine with a household that had a quiet, low energy cat.

Her foster home has young kids and they have a hard time not being high-energy, so she does hide from them. A home with toddlers might not be the best, but older kids who understand the concept of being quiet and gentle would suit just fine.

She has not once threatened to scratch or bite.

A very sweet and affectionate girl.

Estimated date of birth is October 15, 2019.

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