Eurydice is a black cat with a tuft of white under her chin. She recently had a litter of four kittens and was an excellent mother. She is very friendly and will let you approach her and pet her. You can usually win her affection by giving her food. She acts the friendliest when she likes the smell of whatever you are eating. Eurydice likes to be pet, but only on her own terms. She doesn’t mind being picked up but usually won’t stay to sit on your lap. She has had some trouble getting along with the other household cats and dog, although this may be because of her kittens. She has gradually let the dog come closer to over but will still hiss if the dog comes too close. Eurydice would be a great addition to any family and would be happiest in a home without many other pets.

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Temperament: calm, friendly

Energy level: typical adult cat energy

Good with kids: yes

Good with dogs: hesitant

Good with cats: no

Favorite toys: all toys

Likes: human food

Dislikes: unfamiliar pets

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