Epic is a black kitten with a white tuft under his chin. He is very playful and loves to run around with his siblings. He likes to hang out on high places like the tops of cat towers, or low places like under the couch. He is currently hesitant towards the other pets in the house but is very friendly and with a little time will warm up to anyone. Epic would make a great addition to any loving family.

Also available for adoption: Siblings Excalibur, Eek, & Edgelord; and Mom Eurydice

Temperament: friendly, playful

Energy level: kitten energy

Good with kids: yes

Good with dogs: hesitant but friendly

Good with cats: hesitant but friendly

Favorite toys: all toys

Likes: hiding spots, high perches

Dislikes: global warming

If you are interested in adopting please click here to fill out an adoption application, or email contact@streetcat.ca if you want more information on this or any other available cat.