Here’s what Eden’s foster has to say about her:

Eden came into SCAT’s care in July 2020 as a feral foster. She was raised on the streets between roughly Dec 2019 – July 2020. She initially was very scared and then became a bit spooky tough (think spit lunging and an occasional swat if I got too close). She’s only been accepting human affection since Dec 2020, and now will often sit right up on my chest next to my face – so she’s doing amazing! If she’s being spooky tough (she will hide but if she’s cornered or forced to interact, she will act tough) just know it’s all an act and she’s just asking for space and time to get to know you which could take an estimated 2-4 weeks if set up for success. 

Though she did not react well to the children she met once, if first able to bond with an adult in the home I think she would eventually get used to a child with her trusted adult by her side (this would mean it could be 4-8 weeks before she’d be comfortable with a child in the home). Children would need to have excellent cat manners (no chasing, restraining, carrying – she’s an “on her terms” affection giver but her terms are very frequent, extended snuggle sessions once she trusts you!) and unfortunately there would be no guarantee she would choose to spend time with a child over an adult companion, though if they were well behaved and fed her there is an increased likelihood.

If you give her a small space (highly recommend that she be confined to one room while she’s getting to know you) she will make friends with you more quickly- I recommend establishing a routine of visiting in there AM & PM (I would always knock on the door before entering so she could go to a safe spot if she felt nervous). Once she trusts her space and you then opening up the house is a good idea, but I would return her to her room at night until you’re 100% certain she’s comfortable or she may find funny hiding spots you never knew existed and she is unlikely to meow to give away her hiding space. 

The Good:

Once she trusts you, she is overjoyed to see you every single time – think of a dog running to greet you each day but add in a very loud meow seeming to say “You’re HERE, you’re here at last, hello, hello, hello” – making sure you acknowledge her and give her some pets is her priority even above eating most days. 

She’ll want all the pets and snuggles and playtime – literally as much as you will give her, once she trusts you just be prepared for a shadow/Velcro cat. The one caveat is that if you try to approach her in a “new” way she may initially panic, she prefers to come to you for pets when possible. 

Eden likes to snuggle in your lap typically with a cuddly blanket but if you don’t put one on your lap, she’s been known to still insist on cuddles regardless. She likes to crawl up to settle on top of my heart and she likes to give nuzzles (an occasional love nibble can sneak in) and get cheek, head, and full body pets. 

Eden loves food, but mostly she loves chasing kibbles around the room, we play a game called “treat hunt” and I like to use two whistles to catch her attention and then I throw the treats around one at a time. She loves the Catit “digger” toy and I would use it to feed her dry breakfast or as a tool to “go fishing” with the pure treat dehydrated minnows. Meat tubes (like the Catit lickable treats) are a quick way to her heart, and she knows what tubes are on sight or if you say “Eden you want a tube?”.

She is not picky about food really (except salmon- don’t feed her salmon she will throw it up) but watch calories for intake- right now she eats about ¼ cup dry (roughly 1/8 cup AM and PM) Iams regular adult, and ½ a small can of the PetSmart Authority brand adult cat either regular chicken or the sensitive stomach turkey flavour (I believe). Wet food is important to try and avoid kidney issues for as long as you can- and she loves it. 

She will roll like crazy for catnip and really likes silvervine as well- I would make a blend for her and give it to her occasionally. She likes toys she can bat and easily carry in her mouth (plastic springs are a fav), but she’s a bit of a trash baby (so do watch your trash- she will turn things into toys).

She has excellent litterbox skills but should have her box cleaned once a day. 

She doesn’t currently have a “cat friend” but if a cat of similar energy and confidence were introduced to her slowly, I think she would love a friend. She lives with an older submissive cat, but she doesn’t respect her boundaries (not aggressive just wants to play- and her roommate doesn’t) so they’re not a good match and so remain separated. 

The Bad: 

Eden will eat feathers. This isn’t ideal so watch feather toys, she also likes biting into plastic so watch for that. Feather wands should be kept in a cupboard / closet, but she LOVES them to play with. 

She also is still deciding if human hands are toys or not (I insist they are not, but she keeps trying) – and because she’s pretty sure you shouldn’t be touching her paws for nail trims (needs more exposure to this) her claws are quite long so she’s not bopping claws out, but her claws are just that long. Sometimes when you’re petting her, she thinks it’s a game and will try and grab your hands and grab/bite at them. I usually say “NO” and take my hands away, but she still needs some convincing. She also will bop your hands if she’s trying to cuddle and you are typing or underlining textbooks- because how dare you (this may reduce with more time spent with her overall). 

She is convinced human feet under blankets are toys though. I just leave my feet sticking out. 

She occasionally stretches and does happy paws on furniture- she is not scratching per say because I can’t see any damage on mine, but I think it’s more so as she’s getting ready for cuddles, she stretches and makes biscuits on the furniture. 

She should never be permitted outside unless completely securely contained. She grew up on the streets and those instincts don’t just disappear- if she were to get loose, she would be gone and very difficult to recapture. 

The main point:

This girl is amazing, if I could keep her I would but we are full for resident cats. If you have any behavioural non-vet questions about her, or her history I would be more than happy to answer them- you can find my Instagram page for fostering @feral2friendlySK. But the long and short of it is that she’s amazing, if you let her show you her goofy, loving side I am sure you will love her as completely as I do. 

Estimated date of birth is December 1, 2019


If you are interested in adopting please click here to fill out an adoption application, or email contact@streetcat.ca if you want more information on this or any other available cat.