Bellmont (aka Bella) is a sweet 10+ year old senior lady.  She loves any attention you can give, especially full body strokes.  She lives for laps and loves to cuddle with you at your desk or on the couch! Bella adores heated blankets and could curl up and nap on it all day! Bella loves to be with her people and will snuggle with you in bed at night.  She also enjoys washing your nose in the middle of the night!

As Bella is an elderly lady, she does have some health concerns. She has recently been diagnosed with pancreatitis and intestinal issues that lead to vomiting, so she is on some medications and a special diet to help her out. Her intestinal issues have not been fully diagnosed yet.  She also has osteoarthritis in her hind legs, so she is currently on pain medication.  Her medications are all very easy to give as they get mixed in with her food.

Bella loves catnip and when she is feeling well, she really enjoys chasing the laser or batting balls around with her paws!

Bella would do best in a forever home where she could be the centre of her people’s world and get pampered like the queen that she is! She is so affectionate and loving towards all her humans! She would also do well with people who can be home to give her medications when she needs them and to keep a closer eye on her.

In addition to probably not doing well with other cats and dogs, we think she wouldn’t do great with kids unless they were older as she doesn’t deal well with roughness.

Estimated date of birth is January 30, 2011

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