Bellmont (aka Bella) is a sweet 10+ year old senior lady.  She loves any gentle attention, especially cheek and chin scratches.  She will often sit by your feet or put her front paws up onto your knees to get your attention so you will pet her.  Bella adores heated blankets and could curl up and nap on it all day! Bella loves to be with her people and will snuggle with you in bed at night.  She also enjoys washing your nose in the middle of the night!

As Bella is an elderly lady, she has osteoarthritis in her hind legs, so she is currently on a once daily dose of pain medication (metacam), which is super easy to give as it just gets mixed in her breakfast.  The pain medication has made her a lot more comfortable, and she now chases the laser toy to her heart’s content and is able to more easily jump up and down off furniture! Bella also loves playing with string or wand toys and anything with catnip inside! She likes to eat small meals of wet food and soaked senior kitty kibble throughout the day and enjoys treats (her foster family are currently trying to teach her to spin in a circle!). She does also snack throughout the night on the unsoaked senior kibble.

Bella would do best in a forever home where she could be the centre of her people’s world and get pampered like the queen that she is!

In addition to probably not doing well with other cats and dogs, we think she wouldn’t do great with kids unless they were older as she doesn’t deal well with roughness.

Estimated date of birth is January 30, 2011

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