Hello! My name is Alvina and I am the cutest little tabby cat you will ever see! I’m quite a shy kitty and enjoy my safe hiding spots which right now are under the coffee table and inside my cat post. Despite being shy I am very curious and if I am not sleeping, I like to peek my head out of my hiding spot to see what is going on and who is in the room. When my foster parents are sitting in the living room watching TV before bed I like to come out and sit on the floor and watch whatever they are watching. I am quite food motivated; I LOVE my treats. I will even eat treats out of my foster parents’ hand most of the time!! Unfortunately, my love of food has caused me to become quite chunky and so I am on a vet prescribed diet to lose some weight, they say it is for my own good but I don’t like it too much. I love to play… alone… I know my foster parents are in control of the laser pointer. I have a favourite green mouse toy and when I am alone, I get crazy zoomies and I love to run up and down the stairs at my house holding my green mouse in my mouth the whole time. One of my new favourite things to do is to sit and smell the fresh air that comes in the patio when my foster parents are outside on the patio. As long as they keep the screen door closed, I have never tried to escape I just like the smell of outside! As I mentioned before I am quite a timid kitty so I have yet to understand that my foster parents want the best for me and that they don’t want to hurt me so I don’t really want to be pet and I am not ready for cuddles yet. In the right home with lots of patience I know I will warm up and become an excellent addition to your household!!

Temperament: Timid/shy

Energy Level: Laid back likes to sleep most of the day

Good with Kids: No

Good with Dogs: Unknown but not likely

Good with Cats: No

Favorite Toys: Green catnip mouse and cardboard scratching board

Estimated Date of Birth: February 1, 2017

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