Did we just become best friends?!?! I sure think so! My name is Nyx, and I have a feeling we would be best buds! I am super laid back and love my foster family and brothers; I love playing with both humans and cats alike, still a little nervous around those dogs but I found if I walk away slowly they don’t seem to bother me, I am a quick learner! I share my meals with my foster brothers and we hardly ever bicker. Although I don’t like new places it doesn’t take long to adjust and once I do will be you constant companion until it’s time to feed me then I’ll be busy but only momentarily! I love belly rubs and chin scratches from humans I know but it does take me a little time to warm up and adjust to new humans touching me, but I know they won’t hurt me so I just stay still, don’t worry, I don’t bite or scratch!

Can you imagine all the fun we can have together? It would be so awesome! I would love to have some other cats to play with when you decide I’m awesome and take me home, but am fine being the only cat in the house, like I said just rub my belly and I am good! A best friend is hard to find these days but come give me some pets I think you may have just found your newest best friend!

* Please note that Nyx has a history of stress induced inappropriate urination and as such is on a specific diet from the vet as well has an over the counter calming medication to help him stay calm. He occasionally has some inappropriate urination during periods of stress/transition so would need to be closely monitored during his adoption transition

Estimated date of birth is April 19, 2017.

If you are interested in Nyx please click here to fill out an adoption application , or email street.cat@sasktel.net if you want more information on this or any other available cat. Click here to review our adoption contract.