Niles Wildwood

Before being trapped on a dark January night, Niles Wildwood seems to have lived his three years of life under trailers. He is still wary of strangers and may hide on first introduction. When the resident cat comes to yell at him through the lattice door, he couldn’t care less however. He is a quiet soul who does not enthuse about climbing up anywhere, even to sit on a chair. Stretching up to scratch on the cat tree is often as far as it goes for now. What he loves is food, lying around, playing with wands with people he knows on the other end, and generally the presence and companionship of people he knows.  Loud noises and brusque movements are a sign to hide immediately behind the boxes in his room. Niles Wildwood is an absolute magazine pin-up of a large male tabby cat complete with pale green eyes and fat cheeks. He is going to be a super-love as his confidence and sense of adventure develop.


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