This is what Munchkin’s foster had to say about him:
“Munchkin was in boarding when I became a foster. My heart broke when I had learned he had been there for a few months and that his previous adopters returned him. Upon meeting Munchkin I learned he is a large and heavy tabby boy with a heart as big as his stomach. Munchkin took a few days to adjust to being back in a home environment and also being around two other kittens who were very curious about him and full of energy.

Munchkin warmed up to his foster brothers, Atticus and Theodore right away. Munchkin loves to play with his foster brothers and often partakes in the battle for who gets to sit on the top perch of the cat tree. Munchkin shows his love in his own way, he is not overly cuddly but he loves head and chin scratchies. He always gives good night kisses and stays at your feet while you sleep. Munchkin has been trained to lay on his blanket and he tends to do this very well as he enjoys his soft blanket. He rarely climbs onto your lap and prefers just to be near you, within petting reach of course.

Munchkin is a very calm and relaxed cat but he can be very vocal, especially in the morning when he wants to be fed, he knows his feeding routine and will let you know if you’re taking too long to fill his dish!

Munchkin also enjoys belly rubs and catnip bubbles. While he is thriving in his home environment with his foster brothers, sometimes they drive him a bit crazy with their never ending energy! Munchkin is a great companion and since he gets along with other cats (with some time), he would do well in either a single or multi-cat home. He seems to be good around children (however he hasn’t been around any children under the age of 8). Munchkin’s easy going personality and calm demeanour makes him a great addition to any household, however I think he would do very well in a quiet environment as the only cat, and perhaps with someone older who is looking for a companion.

Munchkin is the biggest sweetheart and while he loves his foster mom and brothers, he would love to find his forever home!”

Estimated date of birth is February 9, 2012.


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