Marvin is a very friendly and patient cat with people. He is happy to see them and comes right away to greet them.  He likes to sit with people and occasionally gets very lovey, rolling around, kneading his ‘happy paws’ and giving tiny licks – it’s adorable! He seems to be wary of men, but warms up eventually. Just use your baby voice!

Marvin loves going outside in a kennel or for walks with a harness and leash.  He is a smart boy and he enjoys food puzzles and learned to use the cat wheel very quickly in his previous placement. He knows his name and will come when called.

Marvin has had issues with being bullied by other cats and getting upset with outdoor cats coming around so we think he would do best as an only cat. He is fine being around dogs as long as they respect his space, otherwise they will get a swat.  He can scratch at carpet sometimes but should be fine if provided with horizontal and vertical scratching posts; scratch deterrent stickers also work for problem areas.

Marvin’s estimated date of birth in March 31/2015.

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