Hi, I’m Lizzie. During the day I like preserving my energy by looking out the window and saying hi to my bird friends. I know it’s time to play when my foster parents come home. I usually run to the door to greet them, hoping I can get a quick pet. After that, I make sure to remind them that I am hungry with a loud meow. I love my food, especially this fun ball I have that makes me eat a little slower. After dinner, we like to snuggle up on the couch with my favourite blanket. I am usually very gentle, but consent is the name of the game with me. If you like to pet me, please ask. If you don’t, I will let you know that I don’t like it or I’ll go hide. Yet really anytime someone gets on the couch I make sure to be right there with them. My motto is that one should never be alone on a comfy couch, especially if you are eating popcorn!

I am not totally sure when I was born, though people tell me I am about 8 years old. When I was living on the street, I had babies, sadly I never got to see them again. Luckily someone found me and brought me to the foster centre. There I wasn’t thrilled because the other cats saw me as an easy mark. That is why I have a hard time trusting other cats. When I got to my foster parents, it took me a couple weeks to fully trust them. Since then we have become best friends. My foster parents sometimes look after dogs too. As long as they don’t try to lick me or yell in my face, we hang out and lounge around together. When people come over that I don’t know I still hide until I have gotten to know them a bit better. If you give me the time we can be best friends too.

Even though I love my foster parents very much, I am looking for a forever home to grow old in. If you are interested in me, …

Estimated date of birth of Lizzie is January 8, 2011.

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