Veli and Vulcun are two kittens that were trapped on the streets as older kittens- because they were socialized with humans later in life and spent their first few months surviving by running and hiding from us scary “predators” they need to make absolutely sure that you are predator to be trusted. To make sure you can be trusted they will hide and watch you from a safe place- for weeks just in case you are trying to trick them –  so any adopter would need to know that it would take a while to settle into a new home but if you’re patient they are such a sweet little duo!

Their current foster home notes that they love to chase things – and they aren’t picky, Christmas wrapping ribbon on a string, twist ties on the hard wood floor, and kibbles. Sometimes I think they chase the kibbles I throw just because it’s fun and not because they’re hungry – the longer the run the more fun it seems. Veli is the more demanding of the two and once he trusts you he thinks your first priority upon waking up should be showering him with the love he deserves – and if you are ignoring him he has the cutest little squeaky meow to let you know that he is in fact available for pets!

Vulcun very much wants pets but when you first reach for him he gets nervous and may walk away but as soon as you start petting him he melts into it and will flop down – he is a big fan of a two handed shoulder rub. He is a gorgeous medium haired boy who is reminiscent of a lion (except when the dry winter air gives him a lot of static!)

These boys love each other and while Veli can be a bit of a bossy older brother they often play and groom with one another- they would very much like to find their forever home together but would be OK on their own too.

Estimated date of birth is July 3, 2018.

If you are interested in Vulcun please click here to fill out an adoption application , or email if you want more information on this or any other available cat.