Becca does not enjoy being picked up but she will come to the humans to be pet and brushed. She does have a few sensitive areas to be watched for. She loves to watch birds out the window and sometimes like to chase and catch toy mice that she proudly brings back to her foster mom.

It seems like Becca will always be shy with new people until she gets to know them. She will hide around the corner when people come over. However she is a sweetheart once she is comfortable and she would do best in a quiet household with one or two quiet people. She will take a while to settle in, but will come to you once she is ready. She will need someone who has the time, the love, and the patience, and she will come around.
She is fine with other cats if they aren’t too rambunctious, and also got along with the dog in the foster home.

Estimated date of birth of Becca is July 7, 2007.

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