Lassiter, or Lassie boy – has had a long road to becoming the cat he is today- trapped at 4 months old he was feral and learned that people could NOT be trusted! They were dangerous predators who he should run away from, and that helped him survive on the streets- then he went to his foster home and was taught that at least these two people, who spoke softly, and moved slowly- could be trusted. There were many other cats there and he was safe and warm- but if any stranger came around he still would head for the hills! He thought he was going to spend the rest of his life in his senior foster home, unfortunately he was young and bored and was mean to the senior foster kitties in the home (scaring them away from their litterbox) so needed to find new digs a couple years later.

We tried him in one place, and he went on a hunger strike, then another but he was on high alert hissing, spitting, lunging and swatting claiming the foster’s room as his own and that wasn’t manageable for the foster (understandably). It was looking like he was never going to love anyone but his original fosters where he could no longer stay. So we took a chance and brought him- and his sister Lysette- to the SCAT Centre.

May 29, 2019- they were transferred to the SCAT Centre, and given time and space. They put on the same big show, hissing, lunging, swatting, and spitting. So we ignored their naughty behaviour (as they were safely inside the socialization cage up front!) and over time they settled into the routine. Lassiter seemed more interested in us earlier than Lysette who was CERTAIN we meant them harm. Soon Lysette was hissing alone, and while he retreated to the back of the cage, he looked at people with interest instead of horror. On August 8th the Centre Manager took a chance and reached out to his curious face and he approached to give her hand a head bump- and it was all downhill from there, Lassiter was hooked. He is now a kitty that loves to love- and while sometimes he is concerned with sudden movements if you give him time he will soon be all over you giving bumps and asking for love. He has the most endearing quirk of wanting to shove his face in your armpit- “scent marking” all his new friends as safe to interact with.

Lassiter is looking for a calm and established home, we are guessing he may regress a bit into a fearful “tough guy” goblin when moved until he knows that things are safe- in his most recent move to a foster home it took him just under a week to start to call out to his foster person and want to get lots of love while chirping and telling her stories. He definitely needs a safe space/room to start so he can hide until he is brave, so a patient owner is a must- but he would greatly enjoy a home where there was a lap to snuggle on when his people watched TV or read a book- and maybe a friendly cat friend to spend time with.

Lassiter got along fine with the dog in his first foster home so should adjust well to another dog.

Estimated date of birth is April 25, 2016.

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