Dipper has it all: good looks, a friendly demeanor, and an intense love for attention. This sweet boy would love nothing more than to be your lap cat for the rest of his days and is very insistent when it is time for him to get his snuggles and belly rubs. When he wants attention and sees an opportunity to worm his way into your lap, he WILL take it. He will repay you with purrs and a nice tongue-bath. He doesn’t always need to be the center of your attention though. He is also content to sit by the window and watch the birds when you can’t be convinced to drop everything to be with him.

Dipper has a beautiful short grey coat that he grooms meticulously. He does have some bald spots, one behind his left ear and one stretching halfway around his neck, where his fur will likely never grow back. He was likely owned in the past (and abandoned or neglected) but he hasn’t let that influence his love of people. He currently lives in a quiet home but would also enjoy the hustle and bustle of a busier home. More people = more attention paid to him! He doesn’t mind being picked up and even tolerates being held like a baby.

He is a pretty vocal cat but most of the time instead of meowing, he trills and chirps. He also has to have his front paws on something (or someone) at all times which translates into a pretty cute behaviour when he is being picked up: As soon as his front paws leave the ground, he swivels his front half around to grab you (gently!) so he can hold on for dear life! He is 100% a shoulder cat.

Dipper would be happy in a home with or without other cats, as long as his furever people schedule lots of time to play with him to help him burn off his energy. Alternatively, providing lots of toys for him to play with independently would also work (his favourite toy is a plastic play cube with three holes from Dollarama)! His foster thinks he could even learn to be okay with dogs. His claws and teeth only come out when he gets very riled up during play (but he is still careful!), so he would do well in a home with children as well. His fosters also think he could be an ideal companion to seniors who have lots of time and attention to give! He would adapt very quickly to a new home.

He was “posturing” to and yowling at the neutered male cats in his foster home when he first met them, but seeing as he was recently neutered, that is completely normal. As time passes and the hormones get flushed out of his system, this behaviour is subsiding and should continue to until he is perfectly happy to have some guy pals to play with.

Estimated date of birth is June 16, 2018

If you are interested in adopting Dipper please click here to fill out an adoption application, or email contact@streetcat.ca if you want more information on this or any other available cat.