Nika was born outdoors along with her siblings and does well with other cats, though strangers still spook her and she is initially fearful of people. After a few months to settle into her foster home she shows no fear toward her foster family and will follow on their heels at times.

She is playful and is happy to play when the mood strikes, favouring wand toys she can chase. While she resists being picked up, she’s fine with being held as long as she can hold on and will happily purr if pet for reassurance. Nika is always excited for food and would do best without free-feeding to maintain a healthy weight, but she understands when it is time to be fed and is patient between meals. Once she is comfortable she loves being scratched on her shoulders/neck, cuddled, and enjoys watching birds on a screen or out a window. Her favourite daytime perch is the top of the cat tree so she can supervise the main floor, then at the end of the day she is glued to her foster mom’s lap on the couch.

Nika’s current foster home is making progress in teaching her that humans are able to be trusted. It may take a couple months for her to become comfortable, but she is an affectionate cat once she is settled in. She will require a family that has the time and patience to work on her trust, and if children are in the home they should be older, cat savvy, and knowledgeable about respecting her boundaries while she settles into her new home. She is comfortable being an only-cat and would likely appreciate another cat to snuggle up with, though it’s unknown how she would react to a dog as she has yet to share her home with one.

Estimated date of birth is November 21, 2018.

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