Yorcat’s name literally means: “he’s your cat, just come and get him!” It’s a funny name but we are sure his new owner will know just what to call him!

Yorcat is a tall, dark, and handsome boy (minus the tall but he is a big boy!) who had a bit of a troubled past. Betrayed by a former owner Yorcat was abandoned in a carrier by the river outside of the city, when he was finally discovered by a good Samaritan he had busted out of the kennel which was filled with excrement so he was likely trapped in it for a couple days. You wouldn’t know on meeting him that his backstory was so tragic – he holds no grudges against people unless you try and restrain him or put him in a carrier (not very difficult but he understandably has an aversion to carriers), then the claws (and teeth) can come out. So he is not a kitty you can pick up and carry around, or force love upon (makes him feel trapped) but since coming to the SCAT Centre he made it clear he LOVES the hustle and bustle of people coming and going, he likes to be right in the action and has no problem accepting pets and playtime with strangers.

Yorcat isn’t demanding in his love but he likes to check in with the SCAT Centre employees a couple times a day (often at lunch but he’s not trying to steal food just wants to be near you while you eat!), and often will flop himself down somewhere nearby to get pets and scratches. Despite laying tummy up about 50% of the time, the tummy is a trap- you might get a couple pets in but then he will bunny kick you and/or give a couple chomps- but many cats are like this we just want to warn any prospective adopters- the tummy is a trap!

He is good with other cats, dogs, and would do ok with older kids who respect his space and don’t try and drag him around (which he would not tolerate). He does have some overstimulation issues but it’s managed using an over the counter medication called Zylkene – this is the very first step in anxiety medication (and relatively cheap!) and it just helps bring his anxiety down enough that his awesome personality shines through.

You can follow Yorcat on Instagram at @YorcatSK!

Yorcat’s estimated date of birth is October 8, 2017.

If you are interested in adopting please click here to fill out an adoption application, or email contact@streetcat.ca if you want more information on this or any other available cat.