Orleans had a rough life on the streets before she came to SCAT. She was pregnant and her leg had fractured at some point and healed incorrectly. Despite all she’s been through she is super friendly and people-focused and never minded when humans would touch her kittens. In fact, she gave birth on the bed of the person that took her in!

Orleans is a great mom to her kittens, she helped them become plump and upstanding feline members of society. (Well, mostly) She is practically still a kitten herself, and has recently discovered the joys of catnip toys she can sink her teeth into.

Orleans talks a lot and has times where she is restless (but who wouldn’t be, being trapped In a room with her five demanding children?) but for the most part is a calm and gentle cat who loves to be pet and rub her face on your hands. She is confident with new people and places and settles in quickly. Her most endearing habit is that she likes to keep a paw placed on you when she is nearby.

Orlean’s broken leg does not seem to bother her, other than she sometimes needs a bit of a boost to get to high places, so the decision was made to leave it be, rather than put her through a surgery and a long difficult healing time that would be hard for such a young and active cat to go through.

Orleans has had brief interactions with the other cats in the house and seems good with them. She has not been around dogs but would likely be fine with a slow introduction. She should be fine with children too.

Estimated date of birth is May 21, 2019

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