Mr. Withers

Mr. Withers

What a difference a month makes!

Like a butterfly emerging, Mr. Withers is now showing his true colours! He arrived extremely timid, mostly hiding in his kennel in the bathtub! But it is now clear that a forever-home with humans who can be patient for about 4 weeks will have a true friend who loves to show affection, and who is respectful of his surroundings.

By day he loves his various scratch posts and pads, lounges in the sun whenever he can, and enjoys a passionate game of catch the mouse. By night he will curl up on the couch with the human he adores and pretend to enjoy the evening news. Overnight he’s typically calm and accepts that he doesn’t get to come into the bedroom. In the morning he’s ready to greet his human with a gentle purr-meow combination, and lots of affection as he anticipates his favourite breakfast foods. He is obviously social, often wanting to be in the same room as his favorite human. He sometimes comes when you call, is highly motivated by yummy treats, and loves being petted and brushed. He has enjoyed hunting for treats hidden under empty standing toilet paper rolls. He responds well to being corrected when he jumps on something he shouldn’t.

After spending over two months with this handsome ginger-coloured feline, it is clear that he can overcome adversity and adapt well to new surroundings. He is timid, but strong. His fear of new humans may persist, but his forever home family will be rewarded with his loving, easy-going disposition.

Estimated time of birth is June 28, 2017.

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