Farrah is available for a foster-to-forever home (or simply a forever home) due to her complex nature. Farrah came to SCAT in 2017 after being transferred from one of our rescue partners who had her for two years prior.

Unfortunately, Farrah is a complex cat, she is very anxious and often concerned that you will poke at her and not respect her physical boundaries. As a result, she gets worked up and goes quickly to swatting/biting with little warning. That means any changes in her home, sudden movements (to her- you might not see them as that to start), and noises or smells she is unfamiliar with can set her off. As a result, she would do best in a home with only adults, and as an only cat household or one with only 1-2 cats that will give her space (she’s been bullied because she is reactive in the past). If she is able to settle into a routine and build trust in a person, she’s almost a different cat and very endearing.

She was adopted once, and her new owner was completely smitten with her- unfortunately they were allergic, and it was affecting their airway. They attempted to rehome her- a family took her on with promises that they’d love her forever and let the owner know if it wasn’t working so she could seek a better placement for her- they then promptly dumped her at the SPCA in Regina keeping the supplies that she came with for their next cat (one of the reasons we require all our cats come back to rehome us rather than be rehomed on their own –  the owners heart was in the right place – but the people wanted to keep the stuff and dump the cat, so sad). Luckily her owner was able to get her back from the SPCA in Regina and bring her back into our care and she’s been waiting ever since for someone else to look past her flaws and fears and love her for the nice cat that is deep down inside her once she settles and trusts.

So, we are looking for an owner for Farrah who is willing to work with a complicated cat that when scared my bite or swat. A person (or people) who is experienced enough with cat behaviour to watch for her very subtle cues that she’s getting agitated. A person who will be patient enough to even learn her cues that she’s scared or uncomfortable- and more importantly kind and understanding enough to forgive her when her fears get the best of her. A person who has a quiet and consistent home- and will throughout the duration of her lifetime. All-in-all we are looking for a very special home- which we know is out there we just need to find them. If not you, maybe you know someone that could provide this type of home- please share her listing with them!

Farrah has been waiting a long time- and she’s a sassy to the extreme favourite of all the long-term fosters and volunteers who unfortunately have too many of their own cats to offer her the home she most deserves. Initially she will behave unlovable- we aren’t going to sugar coat it- it will do her no favours and set unrealistic expectations- because she’s so scared, but if you give her time to settle in and really work with her to learn what she’s most afraid of she can be one of the sweetest little lap cats in the world. If you think you might be able to love this girl who so deserves a happy ending after all these years please email contact@streetcat.ca for more information on being her foster-to-forever or simply forever home!

Estimated date of birth is August 25, 2015.

If you are interested in adopting please click here to fill out an adoption application, or email contact@streetcat.ca if you want more information on this or any other available cat.