Pye is a calm cat that likes to sit by the fridge on the off chance you may walk by and feed him a treat.  He is not fussy.  He will take a piece of chicken, liver, beef, whatever you have!  If you have food, Pye will stand on his back legs and grab your hand with his paw in order to help you!  (Mostly without claws… )

 Although cautious, he is referred to as “rafter kitty” as he has the ability to jump six feet straight into the air, grab a bit of traction on a post, and explore the rafters.  He enjoys watching the mice and birds outside and loves to check out the sunroom for potential creatures.  Pye hangs out in the sunny window, but after too much heat, he moves to the cat tower or the chair to cool off.  He does not play much with toys, although he enjoys some honeysuckle or catnip.  With guests, Pye tends to be on the periphery and if things become too loud or busy, he will exit downstairs to snuggle on the couch.

Pye will join you in bed in the early mornings and have a cuddle and purr session.  He does not often jump into your lap, however, you can pick him up, set him in your lap and have a purr session.  He sometimes joins your lap in the hopes that the clock is wrong and you should be feeding him. He sometimes comes up to sit quietly beside you while watching TV.

Pye hangs out with the other fosters, liking to groom them in the mass cat window snooze sessions.  He has two lab pups that he keeps under control.  A dog can be barking at the window and he will look, but not leave his sunny spot.  As the labs tussle each other, he ignores them or moves to higher ground when they get too rambunctious.  He is unsure about young children as they are big, move quickly and he has little experience in this area.  We expect it would take Pye about a month to adjust to a new setting and it would be better to be a quieter home. (Cats/Dogs are ok, just not a lot of happy screaming kids racing around!)

This cat has some unusual aspects.  He doesn’t cover his kitty litter business.  So, you may wish to clean it more often. He also has one eye that seeps a bit, but it is way better than before surgery. He can now see what is going on. Because he is an older stray, he has often foraged for his own meals. It is not unusual to see him on the counter, or perhaps on the floor with a prize.  You should ensure everything on the counter is covered.  He loves margarine, turkey necks, and pieces of meat. These have all gone “missing” at his foster home..

 Pyewacket is a wonderful kitty that just wants a safe forever home that understands him.

Estimated date of birth is February 25, 2014

If you are interested in adopting Pyewacket please click here to fill out an adoption application, or email if you want more information on this or any other available cat.