Geordi didn’t have much human contact early on so it takes him longer to trust humans and his surroundings. If there is a place to hide from people he doesn’t know, he will find it and you won’t find him until they’re gone.He’s a very sweet boy who loves affection on his terms. When his foster guardian settles in front on the couch or in bed he follows shortly, where he demands bellyrubs and chin scratches. If you are late at all with his breakfast or supper he is very vocal and lets you know, otherwise he is quiet and fairly timid, but still coming out of his shell.

His favourite toys are those that can be chased, whether it’s feathers, string, or a laser pointer. He also loves to chew cardboard that’s been set up near the cat trees, but otherwise leaves boxes alone.

He will tolerate being picked up for a time but “armadillos” as it’s not comfortable for him. He has never shown any aggression while he has been in his current foster home, but trimming his nails is a feat as he is a master at squirming away. Other cats are likely not an issue for him as he tries to affectionately bump against the other moody foster cat in the home, much to her displeasure.

Estimated date of birth is July 27, 2016

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