Fender is such a loving wonderful boy. He is able to make friends with both
male and female cats as well as tolerate the medium-large dog in his foster
home. He loves to play the day away either by himself with a variety of toys
or with his feline foster siblings he has convinced to be his friend. He
also loves people, and will adorably head bump you repeatedly as a greeting
when you wake up. Fender likes to make himself at home at the foot of your
bed at night so he knows when you are a awake so he can give you love bumps
first thing!

As Fender is unfamiliar with children and can become excitable and “mouth”
or “love bite” (places mouth but doesn’t bite down) so a home with older
children that can understand this behaviour or no children would be
preferred. In the past Fender has struggled with inappropriate urination,
but in his new foster they have been able to control his inappropriate
urination with environmental stimulation and specialized diet.  He is on the
c/d stress diet and eats it happily- he would need to remain on that diet
for the duration of his life. Additionally he would do best in a
neighborhood where there are no roaming cats as strange cats can stress him
out and stress can trigger inappropriate urination which we want to avoid
for sure.

His fosters love him- he is super sweet and deserves a special home!

Estimated date of birth of Fender is February 2, 2016.

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