Douglas Furbanks

Douglas Furbanks

Shane and Douglas Fur are the most iconic duo at the Centre, despite dozen of adoring fans, being featured in the newspaper, and their own hash tag #ShaneandDougie that I use on my private account on Instagram – still no applications! So let me tell you what you get if you adopt this awesome duo:

  1. One Cute tabby and white potentially mixed with some smooshed face cat boy (Shane), and one missing his back right foot- walks with a swagger as a result- slightly bowling ball shaped panther (Dougie)
  2. A lap cat that will snuggle you whenever you let him – Shane, and a cat that is actively seeking out pets now with small bats and the tiniest meow squeak- and it is adorable – Dougie
  3. Hours of entertainment as you watch them play, cuddle, and groom one another
  4. One cat tower (Dougies) and a roller cat track (also Dougies)
  5. Bragging right that you have the coolest cats in town

While previously thinking that Shane could go anywhere and Dougie would need a quiet household Dougie has now accepted pets from children as young as one year old (so long as his feet are up off the ground even one ft would do- just not directly on the ground) and could fit into most homes that will give him time to settle in and gain his confidence. Cat Savvy kids that understand that cats aren’t toys would be required (but we hope that for all of our cats!). If you think you could open your home to the two coolest cats in town please consider adopting Shane and Dougie!

Estimated date of birth is October 26, 2016.

If you are interested in Doulgas Fur please click here to fill out an adoption application , or email if you want more information on this or any other available cat. Click here to review our adoption contract.