Clifford is a loving boy that loves to talk. He loves to be with his humans and to cuddle. Clifford’s favorite activity is sitting on your lap while watching tv, reading or, just sitting. He is not a big fan of being picked up be he tolerates it well. But watch out for your feet, sometimes he like to come up and rub against them.

He is very interested in closed doors and would like to go through and explore if given the chance. He likes to sit on the cat tree and watch the birds. He loves to sit in the sun and sun bathe.

Clifford love to chase and catch treats. Clifford loves food and always chats to lets you know when its time for breakfast and dinner. Like many adult male cats Clifford needs to eat a prescription urinary diet.  Clifford gets stressed with changes, but he does adapt well.  Please email the office for more information.

Estimated date of birth of Clifford C. is September 8, 2015.

If you are interested in Clifford please click here to fill out an adoption application , or email if you want more information on this or any other available cat. Click here to review our adoption contract.