Cara is a sleek and elegant black cat with a snowy tuft on her throat and amazing silvery/pale green eyes. She’s meticulous about keeping herself clean, but not finicky about what she eats.
Now that she has shaken off the responsibilities of motherhood, Cara can take time to be a kitten herself. She loves something to chase, and someone to wrestle with, and will gladly help you with sweeping, sewing, yoga or any other stupid thing you choose to do when you could be playing with her. She knows when she’s being naughty, and sneaks s-l-o-w-l-y into the places she knows she shouldn’t go — and when you catch her, she throws herself backward in your arms, snuggles into your neck, and purrs.
Because she was found outdoors, Cara needs to be watched when the door opens, but she isn’t pushy about wanting to go out. She’ll sometimes wait quietly by the door, but if you ignore her, she’ll find something else to do. A window with birds can keep her entertained for hours!

Cara’s date of birth is July 9, 2016.

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