Hi my name is Robin!  I’m looking for a forever home with my beloved brother Ridley.  Together we are sweet, entertaining and keep each other out of trouble.   When we (Ok, mostly Ridley) need a time out, our foster mom has to put us in the spare room together.  Otherwise both the guilty and non-guilty party cry at the door.

We are friendly gentle boys, exploring the world (indoors only) like good older kittens.  We are angels all day in the spare room while foster mom is at work. We leave the room intact, although once in a while we can’t resist turning on the printer.  We love to play with toys, and carry the new ones (and occasionally mom’s socks) around in our mouths. Laser pointers and cool air humidifiers rock!

I’m an introvert and like to sit back and watch Ridley figure out new things.  I’m good with mom’s plants generally, but am still learning not to mess with the miniature palm.  I do love our cat grass. Ridley and I have so much fun chasing each other up and down the stairs.  I’m bigger than him and always win our wrestling matches. When he starts yelling for help, the dog comes and breaks us up with his nose.  I’m good with the dog, but would rather be cuddled up with my human. I’m a ragdoll in her arms and have a quiet purr and constant kneading paws.  I keep my very fine medium length coat impeccably groomed. When not cuddled up with Ridley, I like to lie on mom’s pillow and curl around her head.  She is teaching me to be gentle with her hair. It’s more fun than the miniature palm!

Please note that Ridley, Robin, Ryley, and Regan were exposed to the Feline Leukemia virus at a young age. Advanced testing shows that they are not able to infect any other cats and as such are able to cohabit with other cats- but there is a small possibility that they may develop diseases related to the disease later in life. However there is a chance that any cat you adopt would develop diseases later in life so shouldn’t be a deterrent to adopting these wonderful boys! 

Robin’s estimated date of birth is Sept18/2017.

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