This handsome green-eyed, brunette cat-chelor is on the prowl for a special forever home. He may have a little more to love, but to Clarke it’s just more love he has to give. He does seem to get overwhelmed sometimes and when he does, he can bite. For this reason we don’t think he should be in home with young children.

Clarke is a sweet tabby from up north who found his way to Saskatoon last year with his rescuer and eventually to SCAT.

He is an excellent snuggler, and he wants to snuggle almost all of the time. He feels like a plush warm water bottle. He is especially cuddly at night.
He thinks he is a much smaller cat than he is, and sometimes turns out to be right, fitting into things (shoeboxes, gaps in doors, refrigerator shelves) he doesn’t look like he can fit into. You’ll be amazed at how much cat can fit in what you thought was a small pot!
Clarke is a master of slapstick comedy in general. He doesn’t seem to understand how linoleum works or that his tail is connected to the rest of him.
At times, he can be shy and sensitive. He’s nervous in crowds and would prefer to be looked at, not touched right away. It doesn’t take him long to come around, but he needs his time. We call this his ‘sensitive artistic soul’.
Something about him inspires nicknames, a small selection of which follow: Tootsie Roll, S’more, Sweet Caramel Boy, Cuddly Buddy, Squishy Baby, and for some reason Chicken Gravy.
Clarke  is a sweet, friendly cat that would fit in any home looking for a cuddly lap cat with many years ahead of him. He’s young enough to still play like a kitten, and old enough that he can also sleep the day away.

We couldn’t recommend him for all lap cat lovers enough. Clarke will climb you (gently, claws in) to give you a hug and nuzzle your face at the end of a long day. His purr makes him rumble when you pet him. He is also, frankly, adorable.

Estimated date of birth of Clarke is May 16, 2015.

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