Sunny Momma raised her family of four under the deck of a nursing home. She was very cooperative about moving to indoor quarters and is now free of Mom duties, waiting for her very own forever home. Though not a lap-sitter-onner, she loves attention while her feet are firmly on the floor, particularly ear scritches. She also likes to sit beside a person. She requires a quiet household where she can approach people on her own terms – and it may take a while.
Sunny is a tortie with white shirt front, but has a very long siamese style body with an extremely long tail. She has a shiny coat and the originally svelte figure has rounded out a bit. She is highly food motivated. She has even terminated a couple of mice who ventured into her foster home.
She tolerates othe cats but can be fearful of them.
Estimated date of birth of the Sunny Momma is April 12, 2010.

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