Amelia is the sweetest girl you’ll meet. She loves meeting new people, and draping over the shoulders of people she already knows for nice long back scratches. Sometimes she’ll even sit on your shoulders! She is very cuddly and loves having people around to pay attention to her.

Amelia also loves to be up high. She often climbs up on top of book shelves or cupboards so she can keep an eye on everything going on. Sometimes it takes her a little while to figure out how to get down, but she always manages eventually!

She’ll race you down the stairs, so be careful that you don’t trip on her! She can get very active in the evenings and loves to race around the house or chase throw toys. She is a mighty hunter of toy birds and mice! She thinks she would like to be a real hunter outside and sometimes tries to dart out the door to get outside, so it’s important to keep an eye on her when opening outside doors. She also likes exploring open cupboards and drawers. Everything is an adventure to her!

She does not like other cats or dogs, she likes to be the only queen of her castle, but she’ll be fine with children who know their cat manners.

Amelia would make an excellent companion for anyone who wants a cuddly friend. She doesn’t sit on laps (yet), but she loves being held.

Estimated date of birth is November 11, 2013.

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