Cienna is a fun and friendly cat who needs a forever family with the patience to earn her trust and get her out of her shell. She is very shy at first, taking to hiding under beds and couches, but she still enjoys company while hiding and is happy to have someone scratch her ears while safely tucked away. Once she gets more comfortable, she’s happy to wander around and explore. She’s very curious and likes to investigate everything she sees or smells! She can be chatty while she’s exploring, meowing at anyone who will listen, but she hasn’t ever meowed while her fosters are sleeping, meaning everyone gets a good night’s sleep even while she’s exploring and playing.

Cienna is more active in the night, especially from 8pm to 8am, but she’s starting to realize it’s safe to come out during the day too, and has even taken to sleeping on top of beds instead of under them. She’s always happy to have her ears and back scratched, and even likes belly rubs!

She is very gentle but skittish, and runs away from loud noises, sudden movements, and strangers, though she’s getting more confident with every day! Cienna would do well in a quieter house with no small children. She could probably get used to having other pets around if you were willing and able to introduce her slowly and let her learn she’s safe around them.

Cienna is in a foster home with her sister Chrissy.  They get along well and could be adopted together if you are looking for a pair.

Estimated date of birth of Cienna is August 9, 2015.

If you are interested in Cienna please click here to fill out an adoption application , or email if you want more information on this or any other available cat.