Earpy Derpy is a very confident, curious young man. He’s always looking for the next thing to play with (mini foam soccer balls are his favorite). Other cats don’t phase him. He’ll cuddle and play with anyone who makes a decent first impression.
Earp’s personal space shrinks quickly. He’ll softly growl and maintain his space on day 1. By day 3 he was fully part of the gang at his foster home, which has 11 others. He’ll also growl to protect the food he’s eating. This is expected behavior as he was taken off the street very young and very thin. He is a voracious eater.
Earpy has two gears right now: playing hard and cuddling/purring hard. The right adopter for him will embrace roughhousing with him. It’s his way of showing affection. He’ll grab and nibble and lick and purr like he’d do with siblings in a den. This is not a behavioral issue and should not be punished. He’s a very sweet young guy who’d also appreciate being able to sleep in your bed or on your pillow behind your head.
If you don’t like playing hard, cuddling hard and don’t want to share bites of your food to satisfy his curiosity then he’s probably not the right cat for you. He’s a buddy that enjoys a lot of interaction with people and animals, not just a cute face to keep in check with house rules. Embrace his youth and enthusiasm!

If you are interested in Earp please click here to fill out an adoption application , or email contact@streetcat.ca if you want more information on this or any other available cat.