After first being brought in from the cold Lance was very timid but he has come a long way!  Now he enjoys being picked up and carried around, or jumping on your lap and being fussed over. He also enjoys putting his paws on your shoulders and gazing into your eyes. He is learning to appreciate being stroked on his back. He loves to be around people he likes and follows his foster mum everywhere – sitting on her pillow at night, and occasionally batting her face affectionately with a paw! He is very chatty and likes to tell you he is there. He will never be far from your side.
Lance is nice around children and once rushed over to a little boy who was crying, and put his paws on his shoulders and nuzzled his face as if to comfort him. However, he would be probably be better with very cat-savvy teenagers or adults who respect his space as he can take a swipe and be fierce if he wants to be left alone; he asserts himself and very occasionally bites and scratches – not to hurt, but rather to warn.  Lance needs a home that will respect his boundaries and read his signals.
Although very petite, Lance can be aggressive with dogs and stalks and attacks those he does not like. He will not let them pass him in a hallway and sometimes eats their food first. He is generally okay with cats but has been known to attack them too.
With these caveats in mind, he is a very affectionate and friendly cat  but has clearly had some bad experiences in his past. Part of his rib cage sticks out and the vet says it may have been from an old injury, though it does not bother him now.
 Lance is a very intelligent and endearing cat, as well as being beautiful and elegant. He has a lot of personality and would be a perfect companion for someone working from home or who wants a cat that enjoys and likes to return affection. He can be quite entertaining, with his big personality.
He really deserves a loving permanent home and would make a really terrific companion. He would probably prefer to be the only pet in the house, and with an owner he can bond with and love – and get the love he deserves back.
Estimated date of birth is December 6, 2016.

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