Rotterdame “Roo” is a retired mom ready to live her life as a born-again kitten. She is a petite, slightly cross-eyed, chirpy purr-machine who loves attention (on her terms!). She is full of energy and spunk but will let you know when it’s time for her to get some pets. She is curious and loves exploring, but is also content napping with you a few feet away.

She is very timid and takes time to warm up to people, but loves pets once she trusts you. Her foster is still working on socializing and desensitizing her and progress has been made in leaps and bounds. Roo WANTS to trust people and be with them, but her time on the streets have left their mark on her.

Her perfect home will have one or two feline friends for her to bond with and draw confidence from. She hasn’t been around small children but since she startles easy and still hisses and smacks hands sometimes when she’s tired of having her boundaries pushed, older, cat-savvy children are probably best.

Follow her socialization and progress on Instagram at @roo.tterdame

Estimated date of birth is January 17, 2017

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