Here is what Xavior’s foster says about him:

“Xavior (we pronounce it ZAY-VEE-OR) has been progressing really well. He has shown zero aggression at all points of our boundary pushing. At most he’ll let out a soft warning hiss and gently paw at you without claws. If he feels cornered he’ll stand up tall and back into a corner and get around you.

Most recently we’ve started to be able to walk past him or sit beside while he’s eating. Touch still startles him. But I can put my hand on his paw while he’s in his cat house and he’ll affectionately grip my fingers with his claws and we’ll sit like that for a bit. He’s getting close, slowly, to pets.

He doesn’t enjoy being alone. He likes to sit out in common areas or in doorways of rooms we’re in. He prefers to eat his meals with the other cats as of a few weeks ago. In fact, he has a great disposition with other cats. He doesn’t react negatively to aggression directed his way and simply responds by giving the aggressor more space.

Xavior really enjoys playing with toys and cats. He seeks play and attempts to initiate it by chirping, pawing and rolling onto his side trying to get their attention. Xavior will also join in when a couple cats are hitting around a mini foam soccer ball.

*Xavior only eats fishy wet food. He LOVES all fish flavors of Fancy Feast! The other cats prefer poultry, so he waits at his dish for fishy Fancy Feast. But he does enjoy the Purina One grain free chicken.

Xavior has no issues with water consumption or litter box usage, and has no behaviour issues. He simply needs time with people.”

Estimated date of birth is August 30, 2017.

If you are interested in Xavior please click here to fill out an adoption application , or email contact@streetcat.ca if you want more information on this or any other available cat.