This sweet little lady is a submissive timid cat that has made so many amazing leaps and bounds in socialization since being trapped with her kittens in May of 2019. Initially fearful of any human interaction she now allows her original foster mom to pick her up and give her cuddles (not her favourite but she’s not afraid of them), and is working on trading pets for treats at the SCAT Centre where she is continuing her socialization. She is not fully socialized yet but if someone with a quiet home and patient heart were to bring her into their home and keep working with her we believe that she would get there. She is highly food motivated and is starting to learn quickly that pets mean she gets treats!

Wendolyn is highly interested in the other cats at the SCAT Centre and when a few have popped in for a visit to her space she’s been non-reactive and curious, we think she would love a friendly feline buddy to keep her company during the day if her new forever home is away most of the day.

Come meet Wendolyn at the SCAT Centre Tues-Sat 11-4pm. We don’t know if she will be up to taking visitors but we would love to discuss her and her progress with you further!

Estimated date of birth is May 20, 2017

If you are interested in Wendolyn please click here to fill out an adoption application , or email contact@streetcat.ca if you want more information on this or any other available cat.