Quintin is a very lucky boy! He was a stray and after what appeared to be an infection in his leg started causing him some trouble, a concerned citizen took him to the vet to get checked. They realized he would need more care than the individual was able to provide and that the leg likely needed to be amputated so reached out to SCAT and we were able to get him into our program. His leg was cleanly amputated and sent away for testing which is when we discovered his injury was caused by cancer. Luckily it doesn’t spread easily (very low risk, with a 0-25% chance of recurring, which lowers with each checkup). While Quintin will need a couple more x-rays in the next couple month to determine if the cancer has spread (if adopted SCAT will cover the cost of these X-rays), he has an otherwise clean bill of health that we are anticipating will stay clean. His wound has healed so well and he jumps on and off a VERY high bed without any issues. He runs the stairs faster than the resident cats and when he walks you can hardly notice any difference between his gait and that of the other cats.

You would never think Quintin was a stray when you see him now. He is active and confident and loves to play. He enjoys cuddles for as long as you keep petting. He gets along well with his fosters’ resident cats, although they’re not quite ready to play with him. The resident dog however would love to play. Quintin is very calm around the dog as long as she stays about a foot away. He doesn’t even get up to run away unless she tries to get right up close and then he’ll encourage her to keep her distance but still not automatically run away. The two of them can easily relax on the same bed if a foster human is there.

Quintin is such a lovely cat and he is doing so well, as if nothing ever happened to him. He would fit well into most homes.

Estimated date of birth is February 14, 2018.

If you are interested in Quintin please click here to fill out an adoption application , or email contact@streetcat.ca if you want more information on this or any other available cat.