After living on the street and being fed for over a year by a friendly citizen it became evident that X.C. was injured.  That’s when he was trapped and became a SCAT cat.  Now X.C is healthy and ready for adoption.

X.C. likes to tell you all about his day when you’ve been gone for a bit.  For a cat that’s lived on the streets, he’s extremely well behaved: he doesn’t climb onto tables or counters, he scratches only his scratching post, he sleeps during the night, and he uses his litter box appropriately.

X.C. is medium haired with a wisp of bright white under his chin and he loves being brushed with a slicker brush. He tolerates having his nails trimmed and being carried, and he’ll jump on your lap for pets and scritches.

His favourite pastimes are playing with wand toys, empty toilet paper rolls, his catnip mouse, and anything that looks like a long shoelace. He is not fond of balls.

Though X.C hasn’t met other dogs or cats in his foster home we believe that he’d do well with both. He has met children over the age of 4 and adult males and females. He does well one-on-one but becomes afraid and hides when he’s in the presence of several strangers. With time and more exposure this behaviour will likely improve.

X.C. is an elegant and handsome fella and he knows it! He proudly walks about with his head and tail held high……must have royalty in his blood line! Lucky is the person/family who adopts this little fella. X.C. will not disappoint!

Estimated date of birth is January 2, 2017

If you are interested in X.C. please click here to fill out an adoption application , or email contact@streetcat.ca if you want more information on this or any other available cat.