Gemini is a very handsome boy, with one green eye and one blue eye people always comment how unique he is! This may be the reason he changed hands through kijiji multiple times before finding himself in SCATs care after one of our clinics refused to euthanize him for fighting with a cat 24 hours after being introduced to the resident cat of the family that picked him up last (this would actually be quite common with adult, male, unneutered cats we always recommend 2-4 weeks minimum for integration of cats!).

Since coming into our care we realized that Gemini is a hunter through and through, he loves to carry around toys and chase them, and in another life he would have been an excellent mouser! However as Gemini errs on the side of predator it can cause issues when he is with a submissive cat, or one that doesn’t enjoy his style of play. Gemini likes to chase and wrestle, the resident cat in his first foster home didn’t appreciate this and it would escalate into a fight. Later they would sleep butt to butt but then inevitably a fight would ensue when Gemini tried to engage her in play she didn’t like and so Gemini came to the SCAT Centre.

In our free roaming Centre we found he did amazing with Ralphy (adopted), an could be out without issue with our sassy girl Big Cindee (available), our timid boy Okra (available) didn’t like him and would try and swat at him- but Gem didn’t really react to him, but our senior girl Me-so-Sydney (adopted) was the perfect “prey” and too much fun to taunt so they would get into fights. So we list him as good with other cats depending on the cat- other confident cats that enjoy a rough style of play he would likely do well with but we would caution him going into a home with submissive cats. We have not had an opportunity to test Gemini with dogs.

Other than that Gemini enjoys pets and spending time with people but is not overly needy with physical affection. He is still somewhat nervous when people move suddenly or try to pick him up but if you move slowly and speak softly he is easy to handle- so young children may not be the best fit for him. When he is bored he will tell you about it- and he’s got a good meow on him, he would do best in a home that would engage in play with him daily or have a cat who will play with him daily.

Because Gemini is very handsome we hope any inquiring owners will consider carefully whether their home is the right fit for Gemini- we want his next home to hopefully be his last and a true forever home!

Gemini’s estimated date of birth is Sept 29, 2017.

If you are interested in Gemini please click here to fill out an adoption application , or email if you want more information on this or any other available cat.