From a litter of feral kittens, Charles Cedric has now become very affectionate and friendly. He likes to come up to you and meow, and then lay down for pets. He will take as much full body petting as he can get!
He likes to sit on the cat tree – and loves to sleep in the top. He can roll and twist and lay on his back and other odd positions.
He likes to watch the birds – especially the bird feeder in the winter. Sometimes you can hear him grind his teeth as he watches.
He tries to be first to the bowl for new kibbles – and he likes to eat the square light brown ones first.
He likes to crawl under things – especially the table cloth, paper on the floor.
He will come near you and meow briefly – wanting attention. If shown attention, he will “fall over” on his side to be petted. He then will take as much full body petting as he can get.
Will jump into, investigate and play in the empty bath tub.
Will tolerate being picked up for brief periods, but does not like it.
Estimated date of birth of Charles C. is September 8, 2015.


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